Salvanos is an organization based on the effort of a group of people who fight to help animals day after day. We pick up stray dogs and cats from the streets, from families who don´t want them anymore, or who can´t look after them any longer. We get them out of the pounds and any other place where they are being mistreated. We don´t work with kennels, all our proteges live in fostering homes with families who help them recover from the warmth of a home. Finally, when they have the definite adopting family, we send them to them and we start anew. Any animal lover knows that this work never ends.

We are especially proud of one of our many activities: the project called “Salvanos goes to your school”. Our volunteers go to schools to give speeches to the children about awareness/education hence sowing the seed of respect for any life regardless its form. By doing it, we tackle the root of the problem of mistreated and abandoned animals: the children of the future.

We should not forget about our elderly companions, our programme called Dog-Cat-Elderly. It has been running for a short time but it is giving us great results. There are elderly people who live with pets and they are scared of leaving them defenseless when they pass away. This people can agree with us the collection of the pet after their death. We give a tag fot the collar with a identification number, a contact email address and the caption “Please contact them when my owner dies”. Like this, anyone can contact us and give us the number on the tag and we will have all the animal´s data, we will pick him/her up, we will have him/her in a fostering home until we find a new family. By doing it, we stop the animal from ending his last days in a pound or on the street.

We have a financing programme to help people spay or neuter their animals.Our vets will spay/neuter your pet at rescue prices. We pay the full price which will be paid back to us in small installments, with no interest and without adding any other charges to the surgery.

Thanks to the internacional support which we have received from big rescue associations all over Europe, we have managed to sponsor some other small groups of people who have just started working on the animal care. Consequently, we have a section called “Current Projects” on our web where we give publicity and support to this people.

We are a non-profit association and as such, all the activities mentioned before are carried out completely free. We do not recieve any money from the Government. We work thanks to donations, memberships, and the many activities we organize to raise funds: markets, charity events, selling T-shirts.

It is  hard work but it makes our lives worthwhile. Our community is growing. We suffer when we get there too late and we smile together when we receive the “Happy Photos”, it is food for our hearts.

Salvanos is registered in Murcia County Association Registry with the number 8.779/1ª and with Tax Identification number: G-73544330.